… about blogging

So I discovered something interesting: ignoring your blog will not drive more traffic to it.

Alright, that’s not remotely interesting. I was trying for a hook and it didn’t work out so well.

Here’s the real thing:

I neglected my blog for a while, long enough to not even feel guilty about not posting. I came back to it tonight to poke around. This leads to me a question: what’s the point of me having a blog dedicated to my life as a parent?

The masthead says “yelling into the internet,” which makes for a nice mental image (think Grandpa Simpson), but isn’t really what I want to do. Endless ranting is too much work—especially writing a rant while I’m actually pissed off, which comes out as a uninterrupted chain of swears—and not that fun to read. Besides, there are a lot of moments in parenting that I enjoy.

So if venting isn’t the point of this thing, what else is there? I could offer advice, but who wants that, really? I’m the guy who is a stay-at-home dad despite his total lack of interest in parenting and general dislike of children. I don’t have any time-saving tips, any geeky parenting hacks, or any inspired ideas about daddy-daughter bonding. To me this parenting thing is like riding a rampaging elephant. I try to nudge it away from the cliff, but mostly I just hang on with a white-knuckled grip. No advice here.

[Interestingly, I’m not into seeking out advice either. I leave that to the wife, who will scour forums and websites for ideas about various parenting issues that arise. I love that she does this, and mostly she brings home gems. I’m not going to share those here. (I realize that I just lied again, that wasn’t very interesting…).]

The blog isn’t for ranting (exclusively) and it isn’t for advice (ever). What else?

It’s probably meant to be a public “diary” of my experiences as a SAHD.

I can get on board with that. However, I don’t want to force it into something that it isn’t. I am a guy who doesn’t really enjoy parenting, who is not interested in being a “better” parent, and who always want to list things in threes, even when he can’t. [Make no mistake, I love my daughter dearly and will do anything for her. She want’s me to parent, which I don’t care for, but will do anyway.] I’m not going to pretend that it’s different than that. I’m going to plant a flag for fathers (and mothers, probably) who aren’t excited about raising children, but are doing it anyway.

That seems right to me.

Okay, enough thinking into WP.


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