…about his own lazy-assed self

This weekend my wife will be away for a couple of days on a school trip (ogling cool old buildings in Boston.) This will be my first time completely solo with our daughter. Even as a SAHD, there are parts of her routine that I normally don’t participate in, as they are ‘reserved’ for mommy. Specifically these are putting her to bed at night and getting her up in the morning.

The reason that these are mommy tasks is simply a matter of schedule. My wife works full-time, so she only gets to see our daughter before and after work. These are the routines that fit into those parts of the day. I have, on occasion, put our daughter to bed because mommy needs to work late or go out for a drink with friends. It’s nothing I can’t handle.

I have never, not once, gotten up with her in the morning. I’m so not a morning person. Before our daughter was born my usual wake up time was 10 (that’s right.) I worked at home and set my own schedule, so that was what I did. Now I get up around 8 to go ‘on duty’ when the wife leaves for work. Again, for a couple of mornings I can make getting up at the ass-crack of dawn work.

Honestly, the getting up extra-early is not really the part of this weekend that will be hard. It’s the almost three days with no break. Even though I’m with our daughter all day, every Monday through Friday, my wife comes home to take over right when I think I can’t take another minute of the two-year-old-crazy-ass energy. She starts out the day so that I can ease into the morning. It’s a good system.

Doing the solo-daddy thing is different from the SAHD thing because of this. I don’t mind that she’s away. I know that I’m going to survive. If I don’t repress the memories of this weekend I’ll post an after action report sometime next week.


[truth time: This post started as an introduction to a different idea, but then it rambled and began to feel like it’s own thing. So here it is, the next post will return to the original idea.]


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